Funding Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs’ Needs

WDA provides a revolving loan fund with the purpose of working with local lenders and entrepreneurs to provide gap funding to local business projects.  Stogie Joes was the first beneficiary of our loan. The loan assisted this start-up business to remodel and fill an existing building while creating jobs and providing another option for local diners and travelers.

WDA now manages a larger revolving loan fund called the Grow Worland Business Loan Program. This fund is intended to provide gap funding to Worland business projects. The fund works with local lenders instead of competing with them. Any Worland business can apply for these funds by starting the process with their local lender.

WDA works with numerous entrepreneurs annually to provide assistance with business planning, classes focused on business topics, providing assistance with locating businesses, working with City government, and lobbying on behalf of small business. Among the resources WDA uses are the Small Business Development Center, NWC, the State of Wyoming, Workforce Services, Wyoming Business Council, UW, and other industry specific agencies.

WDA has provided support for some of the City Master Plan, changes to the Airport Construction Plan, and the Westside Irrigation Project.

WDA also hosts a local radio program weekly on KWOR 1340 AM. The program provides local governments an opportunity to discuss current topics, and businesses an opportunity to showcase their new services. The program keeps the listeners current on business class offerings, community events, and economic development projects going on in the area.