Space, transportation, telecommunications.

Washakie Development Association knows that doing business is about more than just passion. To get you up and running, your business requires a prime location, access, and state of the art communications technology at your fingertips. Washakie County has it all. From space, to transportation access, to communications services you can’t beat.


We are proud to offer Fair View Industrial Park – one of Wyoming’s newest industrial parks. WDA built the industrial park in cooperation with Washakie County using a business-ready community grant through the Wyoming Business Council. These business-ready lots are ideal for light manufacturing, service businesses, value-added agricultural enterprises, distribution centers, and warehousing. Worland and Ten Sleep offer many other business location options to suit whatever need your business may require.


Highways – US 16 and US 20 intersect in downtown Worland. US 16 intersects with I-25 and I-90 just 60 miles east of Ten Sleep.

Air – Worland Municipal Airport accommodates corporate flights, private flights, commercial services, and has space available for aviation-based industries. Space for the construction of hangars is also available. 

Rail – Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) service in and out of Worland to anywhere nationwide.


Range has recently completed a six-year, $8.6 million project to bring fiber optics to every home and business in Worland. This means that everyone in Worland – businesses, schools, medical facilities, libraries, commercial enterprises and residents – has access to the fastest, highest capacity Internet service in the State of Wyoming.

Worland and Ten Sleep have many options to fit your business’ needs.

Whatever your business solutions may be, Washakie Development Association is here to make things easier for you. From developing incentive packages to analyzing business opportunities, we’ll help find a comprehensive solution so you can have the best plan for your business.