We believe in Washakie County.

The goal of WDA is to invest in the community by promoting economic growth and stability, all while protecting the county and its quality of life.

In pursuit of this goal, we are broadening the economy of Washakie County. Our incentives and business resources are intended to attract entrepreneurs to the area and help sustain the county’s business-oriented community.

Our vision is to be an innovative resource to the community by providing useful information and material to businesses in Washakie County. Through investing in these local businesses, the community will continue to be transformed into a more successful place for future generations.



Washakie Development Association’s mission is to sustain and grow Washakie County’s vibrant economy and outstanding quality of life by providing resources for business creation, expansion, retention, new business recruitment and community development.


Tom McKinnon – McKinnon Flooring, President
Matt Schneider – Security State Bank, Vice President
Kayla Bryant Busy Bee Pre-School, Secretary
Tad DeBolt – Big Horn Federal, Treasurer
Jim Gill – Worland Mayor, Director
Connie Sweeney Ten Sleep Council Woman
Aaron Anderson Washakie County Commissioner
Becky Dooley – RT Communications, Director
Jenn Williams – Virile Electric, Director
Jeremy White – Bomgaars, Director
Terry Sutherland – Pet Barn, Director
LeAnn Baker – Washakie Development Association, Executive Director

The WDA Board of Directors meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 AM at 608 So. 12th St, Worland, WY. All members are welcome to attend. 


Washakie Development Association was founded in 1990 with some important goals in mind: supporting existing businesses, attracting new industries, and preserving Washakie County’s exceptional quality of life. WDA began with the philosophy of successful business growth coupled with love and appreciation of its community’s charm. From that point forward we have continued to grow into a multifaceted organization that works for and with our community. We offer relocation incentives to new businesses, resources for new and existing businesses, and workforce training opportunities. These resources have been the key to spurring the economy and sustaining local business.


Per capita, Washakie County has the most diversified economy in all of Wyoming. It’s not a coincidence that industry exists here and the economy thrives. When you love where you live, it is reflected in the success of your family and your business.



Amazing views, endless opportunity for outdoor recreation, and small town community values, are just some of the great reasons to be in Washakie County. With a low cost of living and low taxes, the dream of “the good life” can be made a reality here. The business-friendly tax structure can make the dream of owning your own business, and creating your family legacy, a possibility.



Whatever your business solutions may be, WDA is here to make things easier for you. From developing incentive packages to analyzing business opportunities, we’ll help find a comprehensive solution so you can have the best plan for your business.



Our vision is to be an innovative resource to the community by providing useful information and material to businesses in Washakie County. Come join us.